Restrictions on sex offenders near churches

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If a person that I know who is classified as a sexually violent predator moves to Georgia from South Carolina,, how often must he register? He rented a room from me for 7 years and I know him extremely well. If he moved to Georgia according to my information he could request an evaluation and get his threat level reduced.

I am correct? If the individual was required to register in SC and moved to Georgia, he would have been required to register within 72 hours of moving to Georgia, and to update once per year, but giving notice within 72 hours if any registration information changes. If he is classified by Georgia as a sexual predator, there would be additional requirements.

While in that one of his PO have informed us bfore that he dont have the sex offender package on his case so even on probation he does not have a strick restrictions like cannot be in where minors congregate, no school etc near residents. We came to Georgia and had to register and out of nowhere the officer immediately informed us that he cannot live restrictions, work restrictions, even without probation. And she didnt even find his name on sex offender website in Oregon so she doesnt really know the case.

So it is shocking that we are givin more restrictions now that he is not in Probation than before when he was on probation. And she was saying that there is no way he will find a job and a place to live here because of all restrictions she told him and that she already informed all police etc that he is in town. At first she said they GA copy whatever other state on but i feel like moving to GA is more restrictions and worse than having a PO.

So can you tell me more of what is up? Does GA just label everyone same way since they have to register and restrict everyone same way not going thru the individual casea at all? If i am convicted of criminal attempt to commit child molestation can i be forced to register as a sex offender and what are the odds of my classifiacation being lvl 1 i have never had any other issues with the law and am facing a 10 year sentance if i plead guilty which seems like the max for attempt to commit a felony.

Can criminal attemtpt to commit a felony child molestation be sentanced under 1st offender law amd the da said i would receive 10 years if i plead guilty isnt that the max punishment for this crime? Also will i have to register as a sex offender no sex crime was actually committed. It is an interesting question, because it means taking the offense code out of the Chapter that deals with sexual offenses and moves it to a general offense.

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Child molestation is set out at OCGA Attempt is set out at OCGA The problem for you is that while OCGA is not listed as an offense for either crime for which the victim is a minor or dangerous sexual offense, they both include language which would likely include attempted child molestation. The simplest one is dangerous sexual offense which sets out: Any conduct which, by its nature, is a sexual offense against a victim who is a minor or an attempt to commit a sexual offense against a victim who is a minor.

The victim who is a minor definition includes " Any conduct which, by its nature, is a sexual offense against a victim who is a minor. So, if you are convicted of the attempt or plead to that offense, it will subject you to registration requirements. There are some offenses which will not trigger registration. You are correct that the maximum sentence for attempted child molestation would be ten years, because attempt carries up to one-half of the sentence for the underlying offense, and the maximum sentence for first offense child molestation is twenty years.

It could be a level 1, it will depend on the evaluation of your case and your compliance with your sentence and any required treatment and therapy. If he was not required to register in Oregon, how did it come about that he was required to register in Georgia? I left my 10 year old daughter while i went out of state with my boyfriend.. He is off parole April 1….. You agreed to a safety plan. That is voluntary, not a court order. The only thing that keeps you from withdrawing your agreement is the threat that it will go to court and that, in the meantime, your daughter will be in a situation that you do not want them to be.

So, the question is, how solid is that threat? That is a very complicated and difficult thing to analyze by text communication. You need to sit down with a lawyer accustomed to going up against DFCS in custody cases and review all of the real facts about your case. You never state what county you live in.

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The other issue is whether his parole officer knew he was living in a home with a child. Community Supervision often imposes tougher restrictions on its supervisees regarding contact with minors when they have a sex offense in their background. My first advice is to consult with a lawyer in your home state to make sure that you cannot get a removal there first.

If you have exhausted that alternative, then, yes, it is possible that you can seek removal in Georgia.

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There is no way to assure you that it will be successful, and you face the difficulty of establishing yourself here. Then, you can petition for removal. That triggers classification. If you come up level 1, then you can proceed.

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  6. If you are level 2, it depends upon whether ten years has passed since the completion of your original sentence. An adult probationer must request permission to move states. Such requests are evaluated at the local and state levels before being passed to the receiving state for consideration and approval. Such approval is subject to set rules about when a state can refuse and when they cannot.

    Hey Mr. Black, My boyfriend is convicted of aggravated child molestation. This conviction was in and he is currently serving out his probation sentence with 8 yrs left. My boyfriend was living with family members temporarily and we he got ready to move out, their daughter [his cousin] begged him not to leave. He moved out and it made his cousin angry.

    At this time, he was 13 yrs old and she was The girl was at school and something happened to where school officials were questioning her and at that time is when she accused my boyfriend of the sexual acts against her. There was no evidence against him and no investigation took place. In the court transcripts, it even states that she was under psychological evaluation.

    Sex Offenders: Should They Be Allowed to Attend Church?

    His father coaxed him in to signing a plea of guilty. My boyfriend was only seventeen at the time and took what his father said to heart and did what he told him to do, so he signed the plea bargain. My first question is what are the laws regarding being charged as an adult in this scenario? We have read different legal papers and have come across the registering as a sex offender after or , one or the other, and this all happened in Is the registering as a sex offender only applying to convictions after or or can it be retro active to cases from My boyfriend was not ordered by a judge to register as a sex offender but his probation officer had him do that and he has had to do that ever since.

    He has gotten a few violation of probation because of not having an address and not registering and served prison time for each violation. With that happening, he no longer had any restrictions that he had to abide by, only he had to keep registering as a sex offender. He served a couple years in prison for that and was released on parole. Now that he is on parole, he has the restrictions of sex offenders against him and has to get any address for residence approved to make sure its not within the feet of schools, churches, daycares, etc..

    What are the laws on this type of situation? If he is a level 1 offender and the restrictions were lifted with his probation, why do they now apply just because he is on parole? He has 10 months left on his parole and we are facing difficulties because of these restrictions. He paroled out to another city and held a job until his supervisor found out he was a convicted sex offender then all of a sudden they let him go. He is currently incarcerated for parole violation, no new charges or anything and his parole officer wanted him to sign a waiver to go back to prison and possibly up for parole in 6 months, he only has 10 months left.

    He refused to sign the waiver right then, wanted to discuss it with his mom and I first. Needless to say, Friday March 3 a warrant was issued for failure to register as a sex offender , at this point he has already been locked up for over 30 days and now he has accumulated a new charge, in addition to parole violation. In the twenty plus years he has been on probation, he has never had a warrant by the county issued for failure to register to go along with probation violations. Is there any kind of law against this?

    You would think that the failure to register is under the umbrella of the parole violation. In your legal opinion, do you think it would be beneficial to find an attorney and check in to the original charge being dropped and try for his probation to be dropped? His release is in The crime in which he committed was against their children.

    A letter has already been wrote to him asking for him to terminate his rights but he denied our request. Depending on the facts, it is very unlikely that a judge would find that it was in the best interests of the children to have contact with someone who committed crimes against them serious enough to result in going to prison. Now might be the right time to pursue termination based on his crimes against the children, whether he agrees or not. The first major question I feel like I can address is why does he have restrictions on parole when he did not have those restrictions previously.

    The answer is that the Parole Board determines the conditions that a person must abide by in order to be released early from incarceration. They have the authority to make those restrictions a condition of parole for persons with a prior sex offense conviction and they have chosen to do so.