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Unique ecosystems described as estuaries form where rivers meet the sea.

NCSU receives $1M from GSK Foundation to expand community college collaboration | WRAL TechWire

Upstream changes in land use and land cover impact the quality and quantity of riverine flows to estuarine environments, leading to degradation of many nearshore habitats. Alonso and colleagues are using satellite imagery to characterize large-scale relationships between upstream change, river flow, and oyster reef health.

Can you tell us a bit about this contest? Each year, NC State calls on graduate students, postdocs, faculty and staff to take part in a research image contest they call Envisioning Research. The goal of the contest is to highlight the beauty and importance of the work being done at the bench and in the field, both on campus and around the world.

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Can you explain what we are seeing in this Landsat 8 image of the Suwannee River Estuary that took first place in the contest? As the Suwannee River slowly flows through its flat basin and surrounding swamps, the river collects organic matter that degrades into a tannic substance that gives the river a dark color. The Landsat 8 image submitted for the contest captures a large river discharge event, which resulted in a mesmerizing dark river plume contrasting with the deep blue color of the Gulf of Mexico.

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On a more technical note, this image was captured by Landsat 8 on February the 20, and was created using band 4, band 3 and band 2 displayed as red, green and blue respectively. We first thought it was not appropriate since we did not take that picture ourselves, but it marvelled so many peers that we decided it was worthwhile sharing it with a broader audience. We found it was a nice way to communicate about our research, and about the use we are making of satellite images to further the understanding of ecosystem functioning. We also find that a piece of art is something that, no matter how often you look at it, keeps triggering some sort of emotion.

Can you tell us more about your research and how Landsat data are used in your research? The 30 credits are taken two courses at a time, over the summer, fall, and spring semesters.

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Summer courses teach tools and provide a foundation for analytics studies with topics including databases and statistical programming; the fall and summer courses teach methods and application such as optimization, time series and forecasting, and experiment design — they also include the analytics practicum.

The practicum is the cornerstone of the program: a team project, which lasts for eight months beginning in the fall semester.

NCSU, partners land $24M grant to develop first platform linking drones, 5G wireless technology

Student teams work on real-world projects suggested by industry and government partners and use up to 2TB of real data from those organizations. There have been more than projects and more than 70 sponsors since the MSA program began, with industries including advertising, banking, sports, travel, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Current sponsors include Disney and the Central Intelligence Agency. One of the more interesting projects this year is a consortium of seven art museums led by the North Carolina Museum of Art. The practicum assigns teams for four or five members to understand the business problem and prepare and analyze the provided data.

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At the end of the project, the team creates and presents a report to the sponsor, which then owns the results. Though the class is large, with students annually, admissions are highly competitive; there are more than 1, applicants annually. All students must have an undergraduate degree. There is no required or preferred undergraduate major, but the bulk of students majored in math, statistics, engineering, science, business, economics, or finance.

Students must have a significant background in mathematics and statistics.

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The Institute suggests two semesters of undergraduate statistics work, including substantial study of regression analysis. The Institute offers an online self-assessment to help prospective students evaluate their knowledge of statistics. Interested students apply to the program first, attend the prerequisite courses, and are evaluated for admission after completion. About half of students completed their undergraduate degree within two years of enrolling; the rest have as many as 30 years of work experience. Close to one-fifth already have a graduate degree, including PhDs.


About 40 to 45 percent are women. Most of the students, percent, are U.

First-Year Experience at NC State

Of the U. The school assists students with professional and career development, providing help with writing resumes, improving interview schools, and professional networking.

Rappa reported that typically percent of students received at least one job offer by graduation:. Between 90 — 95 percent of the students will find employment through our onsite process.