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She was born in Boyd County, Ky Thank you. Julia A.

Nelson, Cabell Co. I do not have a name for her; Sexton family records are scarce in Cabell Co. Richard's son Joshua, my GG-Grandfather was born in He Died in Cabell County, Wva Joshua had several brothers and sisters. Does anyone know how I can prove this?? Seeking information regarding John Martin b. Married Sarah E. Zirkle in Cabell Co. WV If anyone has Frank P. Malone Rev. The Rev. Malone, 83, of South Point, died Tuesday Aug.

Malone was born March 21, , in Lawrence County, a son of the late Rev. Preston and Lina George Hobbs b. Russell Co. Kanawha Co. Dear Ms Cain, Please e-mail me privately.

West Virginia Counties Birth Certificate, Death Record, Marriage License and More (C-D)

I have Wirt in my family tree. I look forward to your reply. MacTavish E-mail: yonts nii. James B. He was born maybe in TN December 29, and died November He was married several times, my G-Grandmother's name may have been Mary C. W Va Marriages " pub. Virginia Burns, Cabell Co. Have been told Virginia Burns married a Gallagher from nearby Guyandotte.

Bernice, Yes, Arthur and Luverna Lucas are my grandparents. It is Arthur's mother that I'm trying to locate information on. Also, trying to find a birth certificate for Arthur. You can still let others open it by sending them links. Please wait while your new report is saved You've made changes. Print the report as a table Print one record per page total using the form. Print as much of the timeline as fits on a single page Print the timeline over multiple letter-size pages in landscape orientation.

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New subscription Save as a spreadsheet Copy these records to another table View as a calendar View as a timeline. Change the owner of these records Delete all records in this report Show the expanded URL for this report. Group up Group down. Multiple values found. Name for the new table: Items in the new table are called:. If the dissimilar entries are mistakes say Acme only has one office in New York and the other locations are data-entry errors go back into your table and correct the inconsistencies—in this case, changing all locations to New York. Then try the conversion again. Show fields from Show fields from Show fields from a related table.

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Cabell County, WV Vital Records

Do not hesitate to view a registration that has been marked as "Found" in case there were multiple children relinquished. Grid Edit Email More of Records. Unknown found deceased Age 16 Welch, WV resident? Your work email. Your company.

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Show description on report page. Print the report as a table. Print one record per page total. Print as much of the timeline as fits on a single page. Print the timeline over multiple letter-size pages in landscape orientation. View as a calendar View as a timeline Change the owner of these records Group up Group down Hide this column Add a column New table based on this column Usage Where can I use my marriage license? Can I use an out-of-state marriage license in West Virginia? You must use a West Virginia marriage license to lawfully marry in West Virginia.

Application What information will I have to fill out? The marriage license application will ask for the following information under oath: Current name Previous names Birthplace City and state, or foreign country Date of birth Mailing address If ordering a marriage certificate Residential address No P.

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Boxes allowed City, town, or location; county, and state Email address Telephone number Social security number Or passport, tourist, or visa number for foreigners Martial history Total prior marriages Last marriage end date Last marriage end reason i. You and your partner must apply for a marriage license in person, at the same time. Age Requirements How old do I have to be to get married? Aged 18 and over?

If you're 18 years old or older, you can marry without parental consent. Aged 16 and 17? Aged 15 and under?

Get your Certified West Virginia Birth Certificate

What are the parental consent requirements? What if my parents are divorced? How must parental consent be granted? Parental consent can either be granted in person or with a notarized consent form. What are the circuit court requirements? Which circuit court do I petition? You must petition a circuit court in the same county as the county clerk's office. Do I go to the circuit clerk or county clerk first?

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Secure your court order before applying for a marriage license. Premarital Education What's the benefit of completing premarital education? Waiting Period How soon will I get my marriage license? Can the waiting period for minors be waived? How soon can I get married after receiving my marriage license? Your marriage license will become effective for use immediately after issuance.

Expiration How long will my marriage license last? Your marriage license will expire 60 days after issuance, after which it is null and void. Identification Do I have to show ID? Do I have to prove residency? Do I need to show my birth certificate? Underage applicants must show an original or certified copy of their birth certificate.