How do i find my friend code on pokemon

How to Find and Copy Your Friend Code in Pokemon Go
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This will not affect any existing friends that you have already accepted. Step 5: Touch the refresh icon at the bottom-right corner of the Trainer Code section of this menu. Have you seen the stats that Pokemon Go displays for your friends, and wondered if you could see that information for yourself? Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Store Categories Programs Reviews Devices. Step 1: Open Pokemon Go. Without Pokemon Go friends, completing Pokedex can be a mountain to climb.

These friend codes are the unique identity of each Pokemon Go Trainer and usually, they are not publicly accessible.

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Pokemon Go allows the trainers to socialize and trade with each other. When someone is added to your friend list with the help of Pokemon Go friend codes, you can send them gifts, trade Pokemon with each other. This kind of partnership allows you to increase friendship levels and unveil new bonuses. When you receive a Pokemon from your friend, a candy bonus is earned. Having a long list of Pokemon Go friends have several advantages to the trainers.

Post your Pokemon friend codes for a friend safari! - Discuss Scratch

Please check the sample list of Pokemon Go Friend Codes. How to find Pokemon Go friend codes? Since it is a global game and cooperation is required between the players to discover Pokemon that are difficult to find. Also, bonuses are awarded to the trainers who have achieved strong friendship levels. We have listed down our collection of Pokemon go friend codes to easily add up new friends. Trainers from all around the world share their friend codes with us through our website and facebook page. We continuously update this webpage with our latest list of Pokemon go friend codes and you always check weekly for some new friends.

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If you are looking to go a long way in Pokemon Go then there is a strong need to add up friends as quickly as possible. Without help from others, there is a very little chance of survival and catch powerful Pokemon to be included in your Pokedex. The introduction of Friendship system has helped to evolve the game and make it much more exciting and fun.

With all the benefits of friends listed above, you should try to add as many friends with Pokemon Go Friend Codes also listed down by us below. You gain insights into the game when you exchange gifts and discover powerful Pokemon during trading. The difficulty of unlocking new levels becomes a mind-boggling task and that is where you can overcome the hurdles with the help of your friends.

The status of your friendship level determines how much bonuses you can achieve with ease. The trading is allowed when both reach the level of Good friend. Great friend level helps in earning the bonus of 10, XP and some discounts are awarded during the trading which is quite useful.

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The awards of discounts during trading, gym and raid attack bonus, rapid capture balls increase in quantity with the increase at each friendship level. From each friend of yours, you can collect almost , XP which is very much useful and important for the progress of your game. There are some limitations of time to increase the friendship level and it is achievable only when you are consistent over a long period of time. Only twelve gifts are allowed to be open in a single day by you and you can send only one gift to each friend during the period of 24 hours.

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This is time-consuming but can be much easier than to compete with monsters and participate in gym battles. Gifts can be usually collected from the Pokestops if you are visiting them regularly.

Pokemon Go add my Friend Code

It may start with sending of gifts and trading some Pokemon but connections are very much useful for numerous other things. You can team up with other Pokemon trainers to win the challenging Gym battles.

Scan QR codes to get new friends in seconds

Usually, there are three teams competing for the ownership of a gym. You need to join one of them and play along with the Pokemon who are in your team. This requires a very good mutual understanding between the trainers of a team to defeat the opponents. It is a sequence of 12 numbers. If you select the Copy My Trainer Code button, it will automatically be copied to your clipboard so that you can paste it into a text message or other method of communication.

Or you can tap the Share My Trainer Code button and select the app through which you wish to share this information. June 28, By Kermit Matthews The friend component that was added to Pokemon Go is a terrific addition to the game. Step 1: Open Pokemon Go. Step 2: Touch your trainer icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.