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HB will move the regulatory structure for motor vehicle service contracts from the Office of the Attorney General into the Department of Insurance, simplifying the process for the providers of these contracts. HB would establish a state registration and increased government regulation of bail enforcement agents i. HB would codify procedures for the state Department of Agriculture to follow in order to enforce the federal Food Safety and Modernization Act. HB would give preferential treatment to public works contractors that offer apprenticeships.

HB would allow wineries to apply customized labels to the bottles of wine the winery produces. HB would codify a rule that allows drivers, who have struck wildlife with their vehicle, to salvage the meat and usable portions of the animal. HB would require individuals convicted of a first time DUI offense to install an ignition interlock device on all vehicles they operate.

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HB would allow county commissioners to not collect the personal property tax assessed on businesses. HB would provide for a reduction in all income tax rates by one-tenth percent whenever state revenues exceed the prior year by six percent. HB would ensure that the meetings of Idaho district boards of health are open to the public. HB would establish the Plan First Idaho program, under the Department of Health and Welfare, to provide family planning services and supplies.

HB would allow charter school administrators to receive an alternate certificate rather than a full teaching certificate, as required under current law.

HB would make it a misdemeanor offense for an individual who has been convicted of a domestic violence charge within the previous two years to own, possess, or purchase a firearm. HB would change the conviction for a first or second offense of driving without a license from a misdemeanor to an infraction in certain instances, and would lower the fines, fees, and sentences for driving on a suspended license. HB would establish a process for reclaiming unused stockwater rights from the federal government.

HB would require any committee, council, agency, or other public entity established by an Executive Order to abide by the Idaho Open Meetings Law. HB would require public agencies to post agendas online in addition to a physical posting at the building where the meetings will be held. HB would ensure that public institutions of higher education do not infringe on the right to free speech on their campuses.

HB would implement a new tax on all opioid sales in the state, and would establish new education and intervention programs to combat opioid addiction. HB would allow high school students to participate in construction courses without requiring them to register as an apprentice with the state Division of Building Safety. This bill would establish new Rural Education Support Networks, to help groups of school districts attain educational goals.

HB would prohibit all state agencies and political subdivisions from paying for contract lobbyists. HB would ensure that the state and individuals maintain access to rights-of-way on federal land.

Job Opportunities

HB would prohibit taxing districts from putting bond elections up for a vote more than once per year. HB would allow school districts and charter schools to administer local student-reading proficiency assessments in lieu of the reading assessments that are currently administered statewide. HB would prohibit private employers from discriminating against or penalizing employees who are volunteering for the civil air patrol.

HB would allow dental health-aide therapists to perform limited dental services, under the supervision of a licensed dentist, in tribal clinics. HB would protect private businesses from unfair competition with the goods sold by the state-run Correctional Industries.

Safety and Security Officer

HJR 8 would submit the question to the electors of Idaho whether to amend the Idaho Constitution to provide a more robust protection for victims. SB would allow the Idaho Division of Career Technical Education to include middle school courses in their programs. See Vt.

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Florence, N. Accordingly, these states are distinguished from those that have regularly functioning preliminary hearings insulated from prosecutorial bypass by judicial discretion that is, from model six in Figure Acts , —59 repealing preexisting preliminary-examination provisions of state law ; Ind.

Close and one Delaware goes to the far extreme of granting prosecutors full and unchecked control over the preliminary-hearing process via an information-bypass rule. Close Finally, at the far other end of the spectrum, one state has flirted with but ultimately rejected a discretionary model in which judges can hold hearings even if an indictment or information has been filed, Maryland has a statute expressly providing for a discretionary approach.

See Md. But a contrary court rule creates an indictment-bypass regime, and the state supreme court has held that the rule takes precedence. State, A.

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As the rule was adopted subsequent to the enactment of the statutory provision, the rule prevails. For discussion of the curious-but-common supremacy of court-made rules over legislative statutes, see infra section V. B and note If, however, such a process is used, the defendant can then challenge any resulting indictment on the papers.

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See Pa. In Nebraska, an indictment technically preempts a preliminary hearing. Finally, in Oklahoma, the defendant has a right to a preliminary hearing, Okla. Delso, P. Note that Virginia guarantees preliminary hearings by statute, see Va.

Commonwealth, S. Virginia is thus not included among the six hearing-as-of-right states. As this survey of state-by-state approaches makes clear, the structures of pretrial evidentiary review are exceptionally diverse, with preliminary hearings guaranteed in some states, nonexistent in others, and subject to varying modes of prosecutorial bypass in the rest.

Housing Cases Summary Page

Specifically, procedural law determines the robustness of a given preliminary hearing in at least three important ways. Standard of Review. The higher the standard, the more demanding the review—at least in theory. Abraham, F. Millette, A. Nature of Evidence. In many states, however, the prosecutor can satisfy her burden of proof at the hearing entirely through hearsay testimony. Close In such a regime, a single police officer can simply take the stand and summarize the most inculpatory portions of the case file, thus shielding potentially weak witnesses from cross-examination and perhaps sanitizing their accounts in the process.

See Donald J. Farole, Jr. Close Other states, however, take steps to restrict such obfuscation: Some give judges discretion to accept or reject hearsay at the hearing; See, e. Code Evid. Close others permit hearsay only in narrowly limited circumstances; See, e.

Methods of Judicial Selection

Close and others ban it altogether. Code Crim. Commonwealth, N. Court of Mayes Cty. Notably, jurisdictions also vary on the extent to which defendants are permitted to present any evidence at a preliminary hearing at all. Compare, e. Pleas Crim.

Elijah M. Watkins

Consequences of Overreaching. In many jurisdictions those consequences are almost nonexistent, as the prosecutor is free simply to refile the rejected charges, perhaps before a more amenable judge—an approach that leaves her free to overreach again and again, until her charges stick or she gives up. Rubek, N. Farrad, A. Some states do not permit dismissal even upon an adverse judicial finding, requiring only that the defendant be released from pretrial custody though not from other restraints on his liberty.