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Located in Morganfield, Kentucky. Located in Williamsburg, Kentucky. The CourtNet database contains more than 4 million records that cover all misdemeanor and traffic cases for at least the last five years and felonies dating back to Criminal record reports are based on your historic court activity and do not contain driving or arrest records.

Kentucky Court Case Search — Search for court cases by name, case type, birthdate, drivers license number and more. Find out if someone has a criminal record by looking at court case results. Kentucky Sex Offender Registry — Search the sex offender database by name, zip code, address, city, county and more. Find sex offenders near you easily. First Name: Please enter first name. Last Name: Please enter last name. The court provides an online public portal that allows name-based searches of cases.

Many of the cases date to the early s, while felony criminal cases date to Accessing public court records is the first place to start an unofficial background check. Employers in Kentucky are free to use all manner of background check information when considering applicants. Unofficial background checks can be completed on Kentucky residents easily by accessing these records. Law enforcement officials are unlikely to issue a permit to someone with a felony conviction, with domestic abuse charges, or with established mental illness.

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Gun Permit Checks Stats The total number of conducted firearm background checks in Kentucky for decreased compared to and is lower than the national average of , with December having the most background checks for firearms in KY. Kentucky is very permissive of gun rights.

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Residents do not need a license to own, purchase, or carry a firearm. Kentucky recognizes most states concealed carry permits and allows authorized individuals from out of state to carry concealed in the state.

An official Kentucky background check will include arrest and conviction records created by state and local law enforcement, incarceration records from the state prisons, and court documents. Juvenile records are not included. Expunged records and dismissed charges are not included. Almost all criminal records are public information in Kentucky.

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Certain parts of records are kept confidential to protect victims and witnesses. Most misdemeanor and felony arrests will be included, along with DUI charges, incarcerations, and court filings like sentencing. In order to avoid the discrimination that follows a felony conviction, you may file for expungement of your record. This is a process that removes certain charges and convictions from your background report so that future employers do not see them but law enforcement will still see them.

To learn more about the process and what circumstances allow expungement, see this page. Kansas allows access to most court records.

Court Dockets & Public Records

Civil and criminal court proceedings are largely public, with some cases involving minors and juvenile court generally being confidential. Juvenile records are never public and will never be included in criminal history requests. The online public portal at the Kentucky Supreme Court allows the public to search cases in nearly every court in the state for free. This will allow an individual to see the nature of charges, the date and related court procedures, and the outcome. The documents themselves must be accessed in person at the relevant court that retains the record.

Kentucky restricts very few records from being accessible to the public. Most charges do not have a state-mandated time limit and might appear indefinitely without expungement.

Kentucky Court Records - A Guide to Courthouse Research

Incorrect information on an official background check in Kentucky can be corrected by the Kentucky State Police. Your Order Lookup. Tenant Screening. Employment Screening.

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