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We truly care about the people we represent. We meet individually with clients, listening closely to them as we attempt to craft the best solution possible. From the moment I walked into his office I was treated with dignity and respect by Michael and his entire staff. At a time when I felt the justice system was branding me as guilty until i could prove my innocence, ,Michael listened to me and believed what I had to say.

Hes used his years of knowledge as a successful attorney to aggressively fight fr my case, get everyone else to listen to teh facts and ultimately was able to get my fel1ony charge totally dismissed. If I was in need of an attorney in the future, the only one I would want fighting for me is Michal Jacques, and his team. Richard A. Rousay II. Being my first offense, the court process was really intense and foreign to me.

Michael helped me navigate through my defense and was able to get my charges reduced. Assault and Battery. Aggravated Assault. Sex Crimes.

Jared Martens | Idaho Criminal Defense Attorney

Lewd Conduct. Child Porn. Indecent Exposure. Probation Violation. Parole Violation. Post Judgment Relief. Boise Criminal Lawyers.

Nampa, ID DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer | Immigration Law | Matthew B. Hanson

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We defend against driving crimes , crimes against property , drug charges , crimes against persons and sex crimes.

Areas of Criminal Defense Law:

We also defend against probation and parole violations. When you choose Kershisnik Law to be your criminal defense attorneys, you know we will be by your side all the way through your criminal law experience. That's why we also provide Post Judgment Relief. If you have the option of getting a withheld judgement you need to make certain your criminal defense attorney will be around for you to get the relief you need when you need it. We are experineced. We are aggressive.

We can help you. Call Now! Dependable - Aggressive - Experienced Criminal Defense.

DUI Defense

These Constitutional rights allow you to collect your thoughts and avoid self-incriminating mistakes, even when you're innocent. As your neighborhood Criminal Defense Lawyers, we're here to help. Or, call us today to schedule your first appointment. Your Rights in Criminal Defense In the face of criminal accusations, you have the right to remain silent.

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