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It's better to keep your money — and your personal information — to yourself. Don't share your financial information with someone who calls and says they need your bank or credit card account number to pay a fee, so you can get a huge prize. When you do get approved for a grant, what happens?

Can you help me? If a real government agency awards you a grant, it will not ask you to pay a processing fee. I also want to say that the really leery because they use people that you know I just had that happen to me they sent me all this information about sending for a government grant from a good friend that I trust and they used her picture her name her whole profile to fool me and it did it first because like I said I trust this person but at the same time I didn't trust what she was telling me to do so I checked it online and found that it was all a scam and then I checked and realize that I had two of the same person's name on my messenger and figured out that it wasn't her sending it to me so be careful about that too if you get something from a friend it's more than likely that they've use that friend to get to you so fall for nothing!

If it sounds too good to be true it is go by that rule throughout your life they just pray on people who somehow I don't know if they're following who we are what we are there's nothing private on the internet just so everybody remember that and be careful don't give out any information to anyone have a good life God bless trust God only. I'm getting messages from a man talkin bout free money if I send for a card to hve my money delivered. I am dying need of help with finances I'm trying to get a vehicle so I can start work I need a truck because I'm electrician I hope you can help me I'll be waiting for your response.

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This is a scam sir, don't give any personal information at all. If the federal government were getting in contact with you it wouldn't be by a phone call. It would be by government documents and you could verify through proper chains. There is absolutely no such department sir and do not call me again!

15 Legit Ways to Get Rich People to Give You Money Online

Be careful with your information because there crazy theirs out to abuse it. I just got it up on the same scam and they want me to pay a clearance fee and they will send me 75, dollars to a person in Nigeria throw Western Union and they will send it FedEx the phone number is but they won't talk to you you have to text them. My so called friend tells me that she saw my name on the list and told the lady that we were friends and she could get me t. Exactly what happened to me today!!! Got a supposed call from Washington dc I just got a call today saying I have been awarded in grants for student loans.

I got a call today Nov 07, , told me i could get sent through western union,said i was picked from a group and to call a number as well. That would be sent via Western Union. Yeah right, I'm not that stupid. I couldn't hardly understand his language. The phone number was unknown at first then he told me to call him back at This is a scam.

Yeah they called me to saying i had a grant but i had to pay to get it.

Is wut i did. I've received multiple calls from number. That I had to register to the federal government and that I could receive my money either in my bank account, a prepaid card, or at a local western union. Then they told me I could go to Walgreens and buy a iTunes card for bucks.

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Get Free Money Fast – 16 Easy Ways to Shower Yourself with Real Cash

Search form Search. Share this page Facebook Twitter Linked-In. October 20, by Colleen Tressler. The Facts About Getting Government Assistance The government provides help through benefit programs for job training, nutritional assistance, education, and health care, among other needs.

To get government assistance, you must apply. Each program has specific eligibility requirements. You shouldn't have to pay a fee to apply for a government assistance program. Not all government assistance programs provide cash payments. Assistance programs that provide payments may have conditions and limitations. For More Information For information about federally-funded benefit and assistance programs, visit Benefits. Tagged with: debt , government , loan , scam. Blog Topics:.

35 Legit Ways to Get Free Money with Little to No Effort

Comments jm May 6, reply. Gmc March 1, reply. Eheh February 23, reply. Tink May 9, reply. SB38 June 11, reply. Brandy Fenatermaker May 12, reply. SDell October 24, reply. Was it a scam or did you get the money? Colleen March 4, reply. Shay October 17, reply. Mafaison February 14, reply. Gared August 10, reply. FTC Staff August 8, reply. There is no such thing as a free personal government grant. Catsha September 12, reply.

16 ways to get cash:

DyaShaw February 16, reply. Care42Don't use March 4, reply. DingBat June 29, reply. Phone number used was What email address do I use to alert the government about this? FTC Staff June 30, reply. M jenson February 2, reply. FTC Staff February 6, reply. If someone wants you to send money before you get money, it's usually a scam. FTC Staff February 14, reply. You're smart to stop and think about it. This sounds like a scam. If you have to pay for something, it really isn't a prize.

How May 15, reply. FTC Staff June 12, reply. Same thing happened to me today. Did your friend send money? Francis June 9, reply. Mare October 20, reply. Don,t do it you,ll being scam. Holmamd February 6, reply. March 16, reply. Dummy January 30, reply. Cracker Jack December 23, reply. Missy1 August 11, reply.

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