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In addition, Cruder worked on the subject property itself, remaining in his office there for three to five hours a day, and should have seen the posted notice. Under the Sabbeth analysis, Cruder had actual notice, rendering strict compliance with the statutory notice requirements waived. It was not necessary for the Bureau to prove that Cruder signed for the certified mail receipt in order for it to prove actual notice to Cruder.

Next, we consider Cruder's challenge to the effectiveness of the posting of the property by the sheriff. Specifically, he contends that the deputy sheriff's imprecise measurement of distance from one lot to another as well as the deputy sheriff's decision not to post near a driveway to the business located on the property rendered the Bureau's posting a nullity. In Consolidated Return, this Court considered whether a notice had been reasonably secured to a telephone pole on the property and, thus, the property lawfully posted.

In that case, the county employee posting tax notices had no recollection of how he attached that particular notice. The trial court pointed out that it had no reason to disbelieve the county employee's testimony, but, as a result of the witness' imprecise memory, the trial court lacked a basis for concluding that the notice had been reasonably secured. Further, the record owners produced five witnesses who lived near the property in question, visited it daily and never saw a posting.

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By contrast, in the present case, the deputy sheriff who posted the notice testified with total recall on the posting of Cruder's property. He testified about the specific procedure used to identify and post the property, explaining as follows:. In this particular instance, do you have a recollection as to how you would find this particular map number in order to post it?

Well, the notice of the map number is on the Tax Claim Bureau notice, and you cross reference with the maps that are provided to us by the tax office. I put it in the ground. And I cross referenced the property. There was a street address across the street from-I think it's Odin Drive. And I used that as a physical reference and I worked my way back down towards the property and I posted the property. Further, the deputy sheriff recalled the specific nature of the property as a wooded area with weeds cut down along the highway.

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The deputy sheriff also detailed the procedure he used in which to measure the distance from one lot to another using his odometer. Quite simply, this case is easily distinguishable from Consolidated Return.

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Here, the trial court had the evidence needed to support the finding that the posting of the property had been accomplished. Cruder argues, nevertheless, that the posting was flawed because the deputy sheriff did not post the building on the property where Cruder worked or where his mother lived.

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The posting in this case satisfied Section e 3 of the Tax Sale Law. In sum, because the Bureau proved compliance with all the statutory mandates by showing actual notice on the part of Cruder and by properly posting the subject property, the Court cannot find that the trial court erred in denying Cruder's motion for post-trial relief. Accordingly, the Court affirms the trial court's order. Cruder and Intervenor Joylee Marciniak, who are brother and sister, entered into an installment land contract to purchase the property.

Marciniak successfully petitioned the trial court to intervene and does not contest the propriety of the tax sale. Reproduced Record at a R. Cruder agreed to make payment of all sums due in order to stay the sale of the property. The Agreement provided a monthly payment plan, listing the specific amounts due.

Cruder testified that the ability to make such a large payment was happenstance and the result of money coming into his business in lump sums.

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He also indicated that he fully understood that he had to make payments or the county would sell the property. Cruder admitted that he had not made all the scheduled payments. Deputy Sheriff Ludwig Sharek testified that in order to determine the correct location for posting, he cross-referenced the property using maps provided by the tax office. Cruder, six of his employees, and his mother who was living on the property at the time of the posting, all testified that they did not see the posting of the tax sale on the property.

At the hearing, the parties stipulated that the sale was properly advertised.


In addition to challenging the trial court's finding on notice, Cruder asserted that the trial court erred in overruling his hearsay objections to the testimony of Mr. In its opinion, the trial court agreed with Cruder that the testimony of Mr. May was inadmissible.

However, this did not change the outcome. Our scope of review in tax sale cases is limited to determining whether the trial court abused its discretion, rendered a decision with a lack of supporting evidence or clearly erred as a matter of law. Such notice shall set forth 1 the purposes of such sale, 2 the time of such sale, 3 the place of such sale, 4 the terms of the sale including the approximate upset price, 5 the descriptions of the properties to be sold as stated in the claims entered and the name of the owner.

It shall be the duty of the bureau to determine the last post office address known to said collector and county assessment office.

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At the hearing, the trial court indicated that Cruder's attempt to explain this sudden payment fell short. The trial court expected evidence of a lack of funds in former months and of a turnaround in the amount of deposits after May that would show the possibility of making a large payment to the Bureau. We're instructed to post the property. By submitting this form, you agree to FindLaw. We respect your privacy.

Thank you for subscribing! Explore Resources For Practice Management. Legal Technology. Corporate Counsel. Reset A A Font size: Print. Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. Thomas E. Pandaleon, Pittsburgh, for appellant. David F. Dieteman, Erie, for appellee. Valerie M. Your lender must work directly with the City of Jeannette to obtain the information on your property taxes.

The county sends the tax bill to the lender for review.


Westmoreland County - Property Assessment & tax search

The lender then makes a payment to the county using the money from your escrow account. You should also receive a copy of your tax bill for your records; however, you don't need to pay your tax collector directly. FYI: Escrow Calculations. The amount you pay into escrow each month is based on the yearly total amount you owe for property taxes and homeowner's insurance.

The grand total is simply divided by 12 to reach the monthly payment amount. Most lenders like to keep some additional funds in the account to act as a safety-net or cushion in case of an unexpected increase in a bill. The lender is allowed, by law, to collect an additional two months worth of payments for this purpose. FYI: Yearly Statements. At the end of each year, the lender reviews your escrow account to provide you with an account disclosure statement. The statement includes details of the payments into and out of the account.

It will list the specific payments made to the tax collector by date. The statement also provides an analysis what your payments will be for the upcoming year. It's common for property taxes to increase over time as the assessed value of your property also increases.

Additionally, you may overpay or underpay for the year. You'll either be issued a refund or owe the lender extra money. The Tax Claim Bureau is mandated by the Pennsylvania real estate taxation laws to collect delinquent taxes and to conduct tax sales. The department collects county, municipal and school up to taxes for all years prior to the current year, for all 65 districts in Westmoreland County. The Tax Claim Bureau may be reached by phone at Business gross receipts taxes are levied on the privilege of doing business within the City of Jeannette.